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Liztoz Approach

Our research based curriculum provides playful, purposeful and personalized instructions. We provide a holistic development to the kid through Multiple Intelligence and Learning styles. It sets the path for the kids to solve problems or create products on their own.

  • Musical-rhythmic : Sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones and music.
  • Visual-spatial : Ability to visualize with the mind’s eye.
  • Verbal – linguistic : Display a facility with words and languages.
  • Logical – Mathematical : capacity to understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system.
  • Bodily – Kinesthetic : capacity to handle objects skillfully.
  • Interpersonal : Sensitivity to others’ moods, feelings, temperaments, motivations and their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group.
  • Intrapersonal : Having a deep understanding of the self.
  • Naturalistic : Sensitive, ethical and holistic understanding.

These are the 8 smart ways we teach kids to develop their potential to process information and develop their intelligence. Our kindergarten is regularly upgraded with equipment and resources to enhance the children’s varied interests.

This customized curriculum is theme-based and draws from multiple early childhood models. We believe this blend offers children the well-rounded experiences and skill set needed for their future academic success.

All instructions will be Bilingual in Play group and Nursery and in English in Junior and Senior KG.

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